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Patriot Hammocks

$ 59.99

You asked for an American made Double Hammock and it's here!  After a year of development and testing the Patriot Double hammock is finally here!  We undertook thorough research on what makes a hammock truly exceptional.  Starting with our proprietary Orsino Diamond Ripstop fabric, this hammock feels like you're laying in a bed with silk sheets.  It's also Strong - rated for a safe working load of 400lbs, this Patriot hammock has been tested with over 1500lbs of concrete at the factory.   The end result is a strong breathable fabric that gives the hammock strength, lightweight durability while protecting against stains and moisture retention.  

To make this American made camping hammock even better, it comes with the tree straps!  Not just any tree straps, but our cinch buckle suspension system that individually has been tested to 2500lbs.  Our cinch buckles were designed in house and made of marine grade forged steel that has been powder coated satin black for durability.  You'll see the 'Yukon' name stamped in each of these knowing that the stand behind this 'next level' tree straps suspension system.  

A few more details...

Length: 10 feet

Width: 6 feet

Weight with Straps: 29oz.