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I received the scabbard within the estimated shipping dates. Fitted both AR style and regular scoped rifles. The barrel length adjustable feature is a very good feature. Workmanship was good throughout. Was a little heavier that expected. Will use it one my next hunt. - Al M. Inoue

Great bag... excellent construction... very versatile weekend traveling bag... love the fact that it can be converted from [duffel] to backpack... - Aundra George 

A very well built bag. Great size and price. Plenty of room and compartments for any good BOB or carry on. - Frank Goodwin 

Both their product and their service cannot be beat. Truly a great group of people selling a fanstasic product! Top notch! - John Joseph Burgmeier IV 

Wonderful products from a wonderful seller! - Preston Ball 

I bought the Tactical Rapid Response Bag six months ago to hold all of my GoPro cameras, mounts, and iPad. It's one of the best bags I've ever used. It's well made and there are lots and lots and lots of pockets to organize things. I'm buying another so if anything happens to it, I'll have a spare. It's that good. - tvoelk 

I have two Yukon Outfitters bags, the Tactical Alpha backpack and the Bugout bag (duffel) and I can attest to their value. I play in a couple of bands and load my gear in these bags. They get used often, tossed around dirty stages and loaded and unloaded dozens of times and they have held up perfectly. - mysterytrout 

5 star, Great service, when there was a problem with my order being out of stock as soon as it became available I was notified with a prompt response and shipped out in less than 24 hrs. - Laura Powell Holloman