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Tumbler Handles

$ 5.99

Yukon Outfitters tumbler handles offer an alternative way to hold your 20 oz, 30 oz, and 40 oz tumblers.   Made of durable high impact resin in solid one-piece construction, these handles feature an ergonomic grip for all-day comfort.


  • 20oz Handle - 3.75" diameter (OD)
  • 30oz Handle - 4.20" diameter (OD)
  • 40oz Handle - 4.50" diameter (OD)

Note:  Yukon tumbler handles may partially cover tumbler embellishments/decoration.  Handles are designed this way for ergonomics and ease of use considerations.  Yukon tumbler handles are designed to fit Yukon outfitters tumblers only.  Yukon makes no claim of compatibility with other brands.