A hammock collaboration of epic proportions!

Ask anyone at Yukon Outfitters, and you'll learn quickly about their appreciation for good design.  Ask anyone at Sweaty Brands and you'll learn about their respect for makers who build solid product.   Today's product collaboration spotlight is about the story of how two companies worked together for today's unofficial outdoor holiday - National Hammock Day

  "It all began with a simple phone call to the Sweaty folks back in the spring regarding our appreciation of their solid designs for their headbands." Says Preston Powell, President of Yukon Outfitters.   "Being a category leader in Fitness headware for the better part of the last decade is due in large part to their focus on innovative colors and designs in their headbands.  It was a no-brainer to ask if we could collaborate by making a super strong, lightweight hammock that was printed with a unique Sweaty Bands design".  
But would a hammock with a Sweaty print work?  Until today, the majority of hammock offerings you see out there are in solid colors. But we're expecting these styles to be a hit. 
    "We've been friends with the Yukon guys for a while now and I loved the idea about collaborating on a hammock." says Doug Browning, President of Sweaty Bands. "If this was something that we were going to do, we definitely wanted to be working with a company that was making their product here in America, with a solid track record in this product category."  
Donna Browning, Founder and Creative Director of the Brand was also on board;
    "Our customers have come to expect our brand to innovate and deliver exceptional product.  Hammocks are a natural expansion and the perfect canvas for our headband designs and colors.  So many of us have hammocks now, but now they can be as beautiful as a something you would want to wear."  
The hammock industry has grown tremendously over the last several years and doesn't show signs of slowing down.  It's exciting to see how two different brands can come together and deliver quality product with an innovative design.  
The Sweaty Brands / Yukon Outfitters hammock currently comes in 2 designs:
1.  'Home of the Brave' - A Patriotic design featuring the red white and blue.
2.  'Tie Dyed' - A psychedelic design featuring best of ROYGBIV.  
Each hammock includes:
1 pair of Yukon Outfitters Tree Straps - 10' each in length
1pair of pair of Yukon carabineers.  
Hammock dimensions:
118" long x 60" wide
Individual hammock weight:
Gathered End Construction:
Double bar tacked X box webbing stitch
Weight rating: 
Fun Rating:
Off the charts!

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